Remote Smile Assessment


Whether you are an ongoing patient in need of a checkup, or a new patient, interested in having your smile assessed to begin treatment, we are happy to talk and answer any of your questions.

Step 1: Simply fill out the form below and answer the questions. We will respond to your questions or concerns within one business day.

Step 2: After we have replied, we may find ourselves needing to see your teeth. At that point we will ask you to email us 5 photos to help assess you. Click here to see our guide to help you take the most helpful photos.

Step 3: After we have your initial information/photos we can continue communication however suits you best, be it email, text message or even FaceTime/Skype consults.


Please fill out the form below to start.


What kind of patient are you?

How can we assist you?

After filling out the form above, we may ask that you email us photos to be able to have more information about your bite, teeth, and gum tissue. If we ask for that, here is how you can take the most useful photos.


1. Use spoons to retract your lips and cheeks (see below)

2. Have a family member take photos for you.

3. Any smart phone camera is fine. Make sure your flash is on. Don’t use any kind of effects or wide angle lens.

4. Relax your lips.

5. For photos 3-5, keep your teeth together. Make sure to bite on your back teeth.  

Photos to Include

1. Upper Teeth

2. Lower Teeth

3. Right Side

4. Left Side

5. Centre

Let’s see what’s going on

Once you have taken your photos, reply to the email we sent you and attach the 5 photos. We will be in touch shortly after with further guidance.

When we send you an email, or you send us an email, the information sent is not encrypted. That means a third party may be able to access the information and read it since it is transmitted over the Internet. If you receive an email, someone may be able to access your email account and read it.

  • HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • HIPAA was passed by the U.S. government in 1996 in order to establish privacy and security protections for health information
  • Information stored on our computers is encrypted.
  • Most popular email services (ex. Hotmail®, Gmail®, Yahoo®) do not utilize encrypted email.
  • Email is a very popular and convenient way to communicate for a lot of people, so in their latest modification to the HIPAA act, the federal government provided guidance on email and HIPAA.
  • The guidelines state that if a patient has been made aware of the risks of unencrypted email, and that same patient provides consent to receive health information via email, then a health entity may send that patient personal medical information via unencrypted email.
  • For more information visit

By sending a request for remote smile assessment with email you are accepting the terms and conditions of utilizing non-encrypted email to communicate health information.